Thank you for your interest in volunteering. For the safety of our Kings & Queens, volunteers, and other attendees, the Tim Tebow Foundation™ requires all Night to Shine® volunteers (with a few exceptions) to undergo a Volunteer Background Check before being allowed to serve.

Below is the link to our servicer’s self-service portal. Please follow the link to fill out the background check survey and authorization form. Only your basic “PIN” (personal identifying information) as well as your address. While your Social Security Number is required in to verify your identity, a credit report or any type of financial search is not performed. All information is encrypted and is ONLY used for the purpose of this volunteer background check. You can find additional information on our servicer’s security and privacy policies at If you have any questions in regard to this background check, you can contact SafeScreener at 888-578-8600 or [email protected].

Servicer: SafeScreener

Cost: $9.00 Payable to servicer upon background check initiation.


Thank you from Night to Shine® and Bethany Christian Church!