Volunteer Registration

On June 22, 2024, we will have the honor to love and cherish the most beautiful Kings and Queens who will come and anxiously anticipate this night! Without volunteer support, we could not do this. It takes many volunteers serving and showing God’s love in each role to make this the most magical night of the year for these very special people. Some will serve right beside them, some will serve behind the scenes, some will serve their caregivers, guardians, and parents, and some will donate services and/or money. But in each and every area served in, our efforts are vitally important and you could bring a beacon of faith, hope, and love into someone’s life. You could be that one that touches someone’s life.


*All volunteers must be at least 16 years of age by/on the date of the event; those under the age of 18 must have a parent/guardian fill out this form and complete all requirements for you.

*The Respite Room will be hosted entirely by Bethany – Vincennes Campus Volunteers. We urge you to consider serving our Kings & Queens in a different volunteer role.

*If you are signing up for the Safety Team, sign up under the Floater Team.

*The purpose of the volunteer donation is to help offset the cost of the event and to help us continue to keep it free of charge to our Kings and Queens.

Registration is a 3-Step process. Allow 15-30 mins to complete all requirements. Your registration is pending until all required steps have been verified as completed. All information collected is for the sole purpose of the 2020 Night to Shine and will be properly discarded following the event.

  • Step 1: Volunteer information.
  • Step 2: Donation for Registration ($15.00 fee payable by Credit/Debit card processed via PayPal®)
  • Step 3: Background Check (fee $10.00 payable by Credit/Debit card processed via SafeScreener) [click here for more information]

For the complete and accurate gathering of needed information, it is recommended that you do not use a mobile device to fill out this form. Please come back to this form when you can complete it using a desktop computer (Windows/Mac/Chromebook). Turn your browser’s pop-up blocker off in order to properly register.