On June 22, 2024, we will have the honor to love and cherish the most beautiful Kings and Queens who will come and anxiously anticipate this night! Without volunteer support, we could not do this. It takes many volunteers serving and showing God’s love in each role to make this the most magical night of the year for these very special people. Some will serve right beside them, some will serve behind the scenes, some will serve their caregivers, guardians, and parents, and some will donate services and/or money. But in each and every area served in, our efforts are vitally important and you could bring a beacon of faith, hope, and love into someone’s life. You could be that one that touches someone’s life.

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Bathroom Attendants

At Night to Shine, we want everyone to feel special no matter where they are, including the restrooms! Our restroom attendants will be responsible for assisting guests with any restroom needs, including waiting with a guest while his or her buddy uses the restroom.


Buddies is the perfect volunteer position if you want the full Night to Shine experience! As a buddy escort, you are responsible for accompanying and assisting your assigned guest throughout the evening providing companionship and any assistance they may need during the evening.

Catering for King & Queens

This food team is tasked with serving the main meal and drinks to the Kings & Queens and their buddies. If you have a passion for serving, this is the perfect team for you!


Check-in is one of the most important team at Night to Shine! The check-in team oversees all aspects of volunteer, guest, and parent check-in. Check-in will include greeting people, directing them to the correct check-in area, checking them in, and passing out labeled lanyards. Guests will then be escorted to the Buddy area where they will be paired with their buddy for the evening.

Coat Check, Gift Bags, & Shirts

If you like to work behind the scenes, this is a great team for you! You’ll be responsible for taking coats, labeling them, and hanging them. As guests leave, you’ll do it all in reverse! Each guest of Night to Shine will receive a gift bag at the end of the night with souvenirs from their prom experience, including materials from the Tim Tebow Foundation, a commemorative t-shirt, and a prom picture. This team will oversee making sure all items make it into the bags, and that bags are labeled correctly and distributed at the end of the evening. 

Flowers, Crowns & Tiaras

One of the most rewarding teams of the night, the crowing team oversees the crowning process where every single guest is crowned prom king and prom queen at the same moment! Every prom guest deserves a corsage and boutonniere and the flowers team is there to make it a reality! This team is in charge of passing out and pinning all flowers to our guests as they arrive at prom.


The Floater team will work during prom to respond to the various needs of guests, parents, and volunteers. Between manning Guest Services and walking rounds throughout the facility, it’s your job to keep things running smoothly!


This team will oversee the parking patterns and traffic flow of guests and volunteers as they arrive by directing them to appropriate drop-off and parking areas. and helping parents, caregivers and K/Q’s make their way to and from the event.


What is prom without prom pictures? The step and repeat photo booth is where each guest and buddy will have their prom pictures taken and printed. Each guest and buddy will receive a copy to take home at the end of the evening. Making sure each picture gets to its proper recipient is a top priority for this team.


This team’s work happens before, during, and after the prom. Praying over the event, volunteers, parents, caregivers, guardians, and our Kings & Queens. It is your pledge by serving on this team to lift every aspect of this event up to our Heavenly Father!

Reception Food

Our food teams are tasked with assisting each of the guests and serving food and drinks to the Kings & Queens and buddies during the reception time before the meal. If you have a love for serving, this is the perfect team for you to share your gifts!


Limos and Party Buses are one of the most cherished experiences of Night to Shine! The Trasportation Team will coordinate with the parking team for the limo/bus route. This team’s primary responsibility is assisting guests as they enter and exit the limos and party buses.